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Birthday Wishes for Wife & Girlfriends

Today we are coming back with one of the best birthday messages for Girlfriend & Wife. If you are searching a lot but didn’t find the right one then check it out here, we can share awesome Birthday Messages for each and everyone.

Here is best Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend and Birthday Wishes for Wifes. 

Check it out below mention Messages for all those who want to send messages to girlfriends…

Following Messages for Girlfriends:

I would like to blink but I can’t take my eyes off of you for even a second. Happy Birthday!

You were my exclamation point way before Facebook made it popular!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!Sometimes I think that you are the lyrics and I am the melody and other times I think that you are the melody and I am the lyrics because all I want to do is sing along to your tune. Happy Birthday.

I fall in love again every time that I see you. Hope to see you again soon. Happy Birthday.

You shine like the sun to me. Your eyes twinkle like the stars. You pull me closer like the moon controls the ocean tides. Happy Birthday.

I love you like a birthday song and a love song all mixed up together. Happy Birthday.

Life with you is a dream that I never want to wake up from. Happy Birthday.

Loving you is loving myself, because our love makes us one. Happy Birthday.

Even a DOUBLE RAINBOW couldn’t make my heart flutter like you do. Happy Birthday.

Following are Birthday Wishes for Wife:

You are like a dictionary because you add meaning to my life. Happy Birthday.

Look at me and that is who you will see, but look into my heart and that is where you are. Happy Birthday.

You make me feel smart because it is so obvious that I made the right decision choosing you! Happy Birthday!

I love you every way every day and every night. Happy Birthday.

You are the air that I breathe, the sun that warms my soul and the world that I stand on. Happy Birthday.

I would draw pictures and scribble notes all over the Book of Love to make sure that my message reached you. Happy Birthday.

I just checked my weather app and it’s as that YOU are hot! Happy Birthday hottie!

Your heart is filled with love and fun and compassion and happiness that you share with me and the the world. Happy Birthday.My love for you is like a circle – it knows no beginning and never ends. Happy Birthday.

I must be a charming prince because you are the beautiful princess of a fairy tale. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for both Girlfriends and Wives:

Loving you is loving myself, because our love makes us one. Happy Birthday.

If I were the moon, you would be the world that I would revolve around. Happy Birthday.

Just like a leopard feels very comfortable in its spots, I feel very comfortable around you. Happy Birthday.

I can wish upon a star or a four leaf clover, but it is really you that make my dreams come true.

I would rather have you than my Iphone but I need my Iphone to take photos of you. Happy Birthday.

Life is better when you stand by me. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. You are strong, smart, beautiful, kind, tender-hearted and tenacious! That’s not all, but the rest I will whisper in your ear.

You are wonderful in the morning. You are wonderful in the afternoon. You are wonderful at night. You are wonderful. Happy Birthday.

You are always fiercely protective of me and I always love you fiercely – and even more on your birthday.

So, the above is best birthday wishes & messages for all those who want to wish her wife & girlfriend. You can check it out more on Birthday Messages.

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