Campus IPO Review- Should be Apply or avoide

Campus IPO Review- Should be Apply or avoide

Campus is one of the largest footwear brand in india . Which offer different variety of footwear like running shoes, walking shoes, casual shoes, floater slipper and many more in different color and style. It is one of the most affordable and durable footwear brand which sell there product offline and online paltfrom .


Campus India were launched in year 2005 by HK Aggarwal. Today’s data campus shoes have pan India distribution in 28 state of India with more than 400 destribution over 630 cities. The company are access by 19,000 retailers over indian market.


Campus shoes produce 25.60 million pairs of shoes till September 2021 and have 5 major manufacturing center across India. The company now wants to launch there IPO on 26 April 2022 for raving 1400.14 cr fund . In this article we will discuss in detail about the IPO of campus should we invest or not.


# Campus strength


* Before discussing about the IPO we should first look at there strength . How powerful the company is.


* Campus shoes is India biggest sports footwear brand which offer wide range of variety in affordable price and is fast growing scaled sport wear brand.


* The company Focus on subtaind design and product and approach towards global trends and style.


* The company has integrated manufacturing capabilities which is supported by vast supply chain.


* It has pan India destribution chain supported by robust omnichannel sales which offer product in premium category.


* The company has strong public attention due to innovative branding and smartly market strategy.


Company owners.


Campus India is run and promoted by Hari Krishna Aggrawal and Nikhil Aggarwal.



# company financial


Total assets


31 Dec 2021-8,846.94 cr

31dec 2020- 6,688.38cr

31 March 2021- 6,847.53cr

31 March 2019 -5,055.53cr


Total Revenue


31 Dec 2021-8,439.45 cr

31dec 2020 – 4,399.66cr

31 March 2021 – 7,150.80cr

31 March 2019 – 5,966.97cr


Profit after tax


31dec 2021 – 848.04 cr

31 dec 2020 – 168.46 cr

31 March 2021 – 268.63 cr

31 March 2019 – 2386.00 cr


# campus IPO detail


* Opening date of IPO – April 26 , 2022 .


* Closing date of IPO – April 28,2022


* Face value – ₹ 5 per equity share


* IPO price – ₹ 278 to 292 per equity


* Market lot – 51 share


* Minimum order quantity – 51 share


* Lesting at – BSE ,NSE


* Issue size – 47,950,000eq share of ₹ 1,400.14 cr


* Operater share – 50% of the net offer


* Retail share – 35% of net offer


# campus IPO timetable


The company will launch there IPO on 26 April 2022 and will close it to 28 April 2022. Issue list can launched to the retailer on 9 may 2022.


Basis of allotment date – 4 may 2022. Credit of share to demat account . May 6 , 2022


# campus IPO size


The company will offer IPO size at 51 share . Individual investors or retail investor can get upto 13 lots worth of 663 share at the price of ₹ 193.590 minimum size of the lot is which contain 51 share at the price of 14,892 maximum lot is 13 which include 663 share at the price of ₹193,596.


# campus IPO holding.


The company has pre issue share holding of upto 78.21% to the promotor while 74.1% holding will be ofter post issue holding .




After long period of time campus Activewear limited is launching there IPO on 26 April 2020. As it is Indian largest footwear brand which enjoy monopoly in indian market. The company has strong fundamental and has good financial margin . The company has shown decent growth during pandemic period and now their are on quantum jump in Fy 2022. Overall the company has shown good performance and have financially strong so, it may be considered to short term investment .

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