How to colorize and restore Your old photo with the help of Mobile for free in 2022 ?

We all love capturing our best memories by clicking photo or making it video in our smartphone and camera but sometime our old memories photo gets blurred dirty.which you want to frame it in new colour and brightness but we don’t have enough technology to restore our old photo.

In recent time technology has evolved and get advanced so that you can easily restore any old photo with the help of A1 feature.for this feature you need to have proper high budget computer and photo editing skill.many people can’t afford this high budget computer so they have to paid high amount of money to some professional photo editor to restore our old photo .

We can easily restore our old photo just with the help of Android application on our smartphone within a minute .Yes you heard right.In this article we are going to renew a Android application through which we can easily restore our old blurred , Dirty image into real image with the help of A1 feature .

How you can restore old photo with the help of smartphone?

To colories our old photo you need to download an application called Remini app.

This app is free of cost you can easily download it from play store. User the app can be published on app store .

Before restoring your old photo you can need to understand the basic term used in this stands for artificial intelligence it work on the principal of human skills. It is basically a bot program code inside the software which perform digital work like human being AI bot can perform the same work like human being with same human psychology and skill .

After downloading Remini app from play store you need to open it and regular on it use the AI feature for free .

When you open the app you will find two option enhanced and enhanced pro if you want to buy it premium pack you need to pay some money but for the free you need to choose enhanced option.

Clicking enhanced option you need to open lake photo option you need to restore .After uploading the photo the app will ask you to wait for the minute to complete the action.

In few minutes your old photo will get restored by the app now you can check the difference between the old one and the new one.when you photo get restore you can save it to your mobile.

So if you also want to recover your old photo you can use Remini App through which you can restore it for free.

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