How to order groceries from jiomart through whatsapp in 2022 ?

E commerce sector is getting more advanced in providing easy user experience to there customer .the one most famous e.commerce platform jio Mart has recently introduced their new feature for their customer .

In the recent press conference the owener of the company has given the demo functioning of the feature that is called Tap and Chat . Jio Mart offer daily groceries and vegetable buyers option for the user .

Like other online groceries and daile essential product providing platform jio Mart has added WhatsApp ordering for their product just by tap into the WhatsApp .

Customer can order their product with the help of WhatsApp .

This feature are on testing the company is making it more simple by running a trial update in Bengaluru where the official are looking to corporate with WhatsApp for the us fair user friendly experience to there customer .

In the brial phase the company has allowed chalbot system to take online order soon they can have a proper customer care facilities regarding any queries.

In this article we are going to learn how we can easily place any order on jio Mart by whatsapp .

How you can buy groceries from jio Mart by whatsapp

Before placing your order you need to add a number 8850008000 on your phone .

When you enter this number to your WhatsApp the jio Mart official WhatsApp Will appear you need to type to start the feature is only working in some largest place like Bengaluru in its trial phase soon within the month it will work in whole country.

Next step you to follow is to select you deser product you want to buy from jio Mart .

The chalbot will ask your official adress detail after choosing your groceries and daily product .Jio Mart will offer defferent way of payment on WhatsApp you can either pay your bill by UPI or you can choose cash on delivery option.

The customer who are not in targeted area they can also place their groceries order from WhatsApp .for that you need to follow the previous step mentioned above.

The customer have to type his to the given WhatsApp number the WhatsApp bot will send your a link which will redirect you to jio Mart site .from where you can choose your product after placing the order the site will ask you to fill the essential details like address, phone number, email id and the name .

Now it time for the payment option you can either pay your bill either UPI or cash on delivery option .

Once your place your order on WhatsApp you will get a confirmation message regarding your order your email, SMS .you can also track your order status.Any query and if you want to cancel the order you can cancel it from the given WhatsApp bot your refund will directly credit to your bank amount within 24 Hrs after the cancellation .

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