Joker viruses infected app you need to delete from your mobile.

Joker viruses infected app you need to delete from your mobile.

We use different application daily in our smartphone frequently without any protection.This gives tirth to the viruses which get attached with this application The hacker can easily access through that virus into your mobile and can steal your private information password and more confidential information from your mobile and can misuse it.

The new virus name joker is actuated in an Android application called colour message which steal user data and private information and sending it to the hacker.

If you use application in your mobile you need to delete that application right now.

What is Joker virus in Android ?
In recent few your virus has effected the android user for suviral time. Again this virus get activated through a new android application called color message which stole user data easily and misusing them .But there question is what Joker virus actually is.

Joker virus is a malicious virus created with unique code which will access to your mobile and computer easily within fraction of second and steal your data .So if you also use color message app in your android delete it .

In a report it was found that a app called color message which have more than 5 lakh download gets infected by joker virus and hacker are easily stealing user data .

Which Android app is infected by joker virus?

In recent report app called color message aucauble on play store infected by joker viruses.The sms sending app which offer you to send beautiful text fonts style and emoji over internet.
The security provider company provide has deleted the presence of joker virus in this application and ask the user kindly inenstall the app .

The company has deleted a type of script created inside the app which is called fish wear script which is generally a type of malicious virus which directly attack user account details.This virus is created in such a manner that user use it subscription by clicking or the subscription to button.color message app is uploaded to the Play Store since 1Year but still million of user download this application .

If you also among those user who had download this application in your mobile delete it right now. From you Mobile this is not enough to Remove joker virus from your device you also need to cancel you subscription option by going on Google Play Store selecting subscription option and check you given card detail and account detail from the app subscription bar.

So this is the way through which you can delete joker virus in your android device.

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